Solar for Government and Municipalities

Elios Solar is working with government agencies to reduce their energy costs and environmental impact.

Local, state and federal agencies are well positioned to take advantage of solar energy solutions because the combination of building ownership, long term outlook, and superior credit ratings result in a multitude of potential financing options.

Elios Solar will work closely with your agency's managers and board to identify the best technology and finance solution for you. We have extensive experience dealing with the local, state and federal agencies that often control the permitting and inspection processes.



Part of our extensive portfolio of technical solutions, we offer the dual (D170) and single (S140) axis trackers from Mechatron to utility-scale projects with higher ROI requirements. In addition, Mechatron's cpv tracker (C140) is ideal for demanding cpv panels with Fresnel lenses and accuracy requirement as high as 0,01 of a degree. 

For more information, click here to download the D170 dual-axis tracker datasheet and here to download the S140 single-axis tracker.