Solar for Agricultural Farming

Agricultural farming, processing and storage have high and variable energy needs. As a result, unexpected changes in electricity prices can have a costly impact on your business operating expenses. Elios solar provides a consistent energy source at lower fixed rates, ensuring that your business has affordable solar electric power when it is needed most.
Solar Energy for Farmers :

  • Control energy costs when pumping water or during drought
  • Profitable alternative to low margin crops

Solar Energy for Processing Plants

  • Reliable electricity to meet demand at peak processing times
  • Hedge against volatile electricity prices

Solar Energy for Cold Storage

  • Offset high electricity loads by producing on-site solar electric power



The agricultural farming sector can greatly benefit from our tracker solution, especially those who require large amounts of electricity to operate in the morning hours the energy-hungry electric pumps for irrigation. We offer solar systems based on the dual (D170) and single (S140) axis trackers from Mechatron benefiting higher ROI results. 

For more information, click here to download the D170 dual-axis tracker datasheet and here to download the S140 single-axis tracker.