Solar Energy Services

Elios Solar offers a complete range of solar energy services, from feasibility study all the way to the final installation phase of the project


Initial Development Financial Services Implementation

Solar Energy Consulting & Feasibility Studies

Solar Energy Financing & Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Photovoltaic Systems Sourcing & Procurement

Solar Systems Design and Engineering

Integrated Solar Financing

Solar System Installation & Development

Solar Product Evaluation

Solar Rebates and Incentives

Solar System Operations & Maintenance



Solar System Performance Monitoring

The various stages of planning, design, purchasing and maintenance of a solar power system are turnkey and efficient with Elios Solar processes.

Whether it’s evaluating energy production and payback models, evaluating various technologies, assessing and choosing financing options, or developing, maintaining, and operating your solar energy system, we bring experience to the project and the ability to offer full picture of your solar power system from the very first step all the way to its completion.

Our solar energy services offer guaranteed risk free investment and validate each and every project before the final decision is made by the customer.