Solar Energy Consulting & Feasibility Studies

ELIOS Solar has more than 10 years of solar industry experience.

We know how to plan and build efficient and reliable solar power systems and we accurately project both expenses and ROI to minimize risk and uncertainty.

During the feasibility stage, our goal is to determine if your project is buildable and financeable. Feasibility studies are the foundation upon which all subsequent stages are determined. Working with experienced solar professionals can save you development capital.

Our client-centric approach starts with the customer’s definition of goals and expectations. Once we know where you want to end up, we can customize our approach to get you there. We will work with you to get the reports and deliverables you need to evaluate the project potential.

ELIOS Solar's feasibility services include the following:

  • Investigation of goals
  • Material Recommendations
  • Energy Usage Analysis
  • Cost Estimate
  • Site Analysis
  • Project Finance Options
  • System Layouts
  • Project Finance Recommendations
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Technology Cost Comparisons
  • Production Analysis
  • Potential Challenges
  • Environmental Impact
  • Mechanical Constructability
  • Logistics
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Technology Analysis