Solar Product Evaluation

With no agendas or incentives to push one product over another, we can evaluate the best technologies and only use proven products that are backed by solid financials and comprehensive quality controls.
The ELIOS Solar Engineering Team (ISET) serves as an internal system of quality control for every solar technology, design, and installation we use and perform. The group is staffed with some of the most experienced engineers in the industry, who employ a sophisticated product approval process to evaluate new products and technologies.
Some of the factors the ISET Group uses to evaluate solarvequipment are:

  • Efficiency – How much energy will the product produce?
  • Price – What is the lifetime cost per kWh?
  • Field track record – Has this product been used in the field and how has it performed?
  • Warranty terms – How long is this product under manufacturer warranty? What are the exceptions to the warranty? How do you define defective?
  • Supplier financials – How stable is the company guaranteeing this product? 
  • Manufacturing tolerances – What’s the range of efficiency we can expect from this product? 
  • Site compatibility – Are there any limitations to where this product can be used? Is it better to use in a specific climate or with a specific type of mount?