Solar Systems Design and Engineering

Our engineers specify every element of your solar generation system from modules and inverters to mounting base, grounding systems and monitoring software. They also analyze data from existing projects and several national resource centers in order to account for weather patterns, local climates and shading that can affect your installation’s energy production.

A complete solar installation design means:

Sound Concept & Technology – We will develop a design concept that delivers the lowest lifetime cost of energy. The concept will include the selection of technology, structural support, mechanical elements, and electrical interconnection.

Quality & Reliability – Every design we produce is evaluated by a rigorous multi-step review process.

Value Engineering – We take a holistic approach to solar design and keep your entire construction project in mind to mitigate construction risks and save you money by working with your architects and general contractors early on.

Client Needs – We apply our expertise to adapt to your concerns-whether they’re aesthetics, economics or risk-and build your solar power installation with your goals in mind.